Robert Matthees


Holger Heinze

Consultant and Entrepreneur , CEO/Principal Consultant monagoo GmbH , 2014-2017

"Robert is an amazingly beautiful mind and nothing short of a guru in the UX world. Guru in the best sense of the word: Pushing boundaries, creatively exploring new strategies and hypothesis - but always with the customer and his/her success in mind. We've learned so much from Robert with regards to design, how people think and feel and ultimately about how to sell. If you can get a chance to work with Rob, take it. It will be worth your time and you will benefit from it for years to come, like I and my organization did."

Holger is a Public Speaker, University Lecturer, Serial Entrepreneur, and Chartered Fellow of the CMI

Bülent Kuzkaya

Legal Advisor Krah AG , Schutzbach/DE, 2015 - Large Pipeline Production, Oil/Gas

"Cool speaker and communicator, great skills in stakeholder-oriented approaches."

Bülent speaks the right languages and is the best point of contact for Market Entry in Africa

Georg Faust

Co-Founder monagoo GmbH, Bad Homburg/DE, 2014 - eCommerce

"Professionality - that's the best compendium. Robert is highly motivated, focused, detailed and a Specialist in every Business relevant Project. Working with Robert is a great Pleasure and Learning because he's astonishing me and my Team with Knowledge around 'Think out of the Box' Ideas, in specific Sales Know-how and mostely with SEO and Product Placement. High Level Performance from a very passionated colleague."

Georg designed service processes for Apple, HP, Groupon and many others. An outstanding expert in logistics

Gene Brown

Commercial Director WBR Ltd. , London/UK, 2013 - eCommerce Conference

"Robert and I recently collaborated on the launch of eTail Germany in Berlin this year (2013). Not only did his knowledge of the German market prove to be invaluable both pre-event and on-site, his infectious drive and hard work made the entire project more enjoyable. We ended up working very closely together and as a result delivered one of the best launches the business has seen in terms on result, execution and overall feedback. Really looking forward to working with Rob for 2014 and the other eTail projects!"

Need to sell something? Go for Gene. He is a London based sales specialist

Sophie Tafel

Converence Producer WBR Ltd. , London/UK, 2013 - eCommerce Conference

"I worked with Robert on eTail Germany and he outperformed in every single aspect, achieving a sold out launch event in the first year. Robert has a fantastic way of speaking to people, naturally enagages with customers and is willing to go for the extra mile to achieve great results! Always with a smile on his face he is definitely one of the best sales persons I have ever worked with."

Co-Founder and Production Director with an incredible eCommerce Network


Wahrnehmung und Sprache
(in der Tradition von Johann Gottfried Herder [PDF, 133 S.], Noam Chomsky, Marcel Proust [PDF, 5 S.], Richard Bandler, Wolf Schneider)

Soziale Theorie
(in der Tradition von Richard Rorty [PDF, 53 S.] und Niklas Luhmann)

Menschliche Entwicklung
(von Susan Isaacs bis Hetty van de Rijt)

Produkt-Philosophie, User Experience & Strategie
(Product Design [22min] , Mobile UX & Micro Moments [9min] , Digitalisierung/Multichannel)

Weitere öffentlich bereitgestellte Texte/MP3s hier.


Sales & Marketing bei Telekom/T-Systems
(Ausbildung in Dresden 2001-2004)

Freier Mitarbeiter IT, Web & Marketing
(Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main...)

Erfolgreich auf B2B-Sales-Floor während der Wirtschaftskrise
(WIIFM/Elevator-Pitch und SPIN-Selling, London Victoria)

Projektmanager 1. eTail-Handelskonferenz (Berlin 12./13. März 2013)
(mit Amazon, Otto, Migros, Metro, Office Depot, Tchibo, Sportscheck...)

+15 Jahre in B2B/B2C Marketing, B2B Sales, eCommerce & Business Development
(bspw. in London: Training von Länderteams, 60+ Personen für 15 Nationen/12 Sprachen)

(bspw. StartUp Chile, Bad Homburg, Berlin, Leipzig...)

JETZT Sales Manager/UX Consultant/Gründer (Dresden) JETZT

Zertifikate (Auszug)

Gelernter Kaufmann
(IT-Systemkaufmann, DTAG & IHK Dresden 2001-2004)

B.A. Philosophie/Wirtschaftswissenschaften
(Fokus: Sprache & Gehirn, eBusiness, Ökonomie, Uni Mainz 2009-2012)

(persönlich bei Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Paul McKenna, London 2014)

Agile Produktentwicklung
(Scrum, Kanban usw., Leipzig School of Media 2016)

Robert Matthees mit Tochter Arîn, Februar 2016
(Robert Matthees mit Tochter Arîn, Februar 2016)


uxaesthetics Research Feed: UX, Digitalisierung, Disruption

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