Advanced User Identification in Multi- & Cross-Device Tracking (08/2017)

Cross Device Customer Journey

I never got why people say users need to have a registered account or even need to be logged in that we can identify them for Web Analytics & Tracking Purposes. I rather work with a set of sufficient conditions to identify users in as many states as possible on multiple devices. Enjoy the concept below!

Cross-Device Tracking

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Tracking AdBlock Users in Google Analytics without JavaScript / Cookies (08/2017)

Mobile UX in Time

Do you know that around 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web? AdBlockers are browser plugins that stop ads from being loaded on e-commerce projects, and most of them will kick out your Google Analytics Tracking too. In Germany, even 1 out of 5 desktop users will come with a running AdBlocker.

AdBlock Google Analytics

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Digital Analyst?

You may enjoy my GitHub Open Source (05/2017):

ga-rm.js Plugin for Interaction Tracking
in Google Analytics

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